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Welcome to the wiki for HuMo-gen, a web-based genealogy program. Follow the links below to learn more, including links to download the app, a Manual for troubleshooting and installing, the forum, and more!


HuMo-gen software/ forum/ download links

There are 2 official HuMo-gen websites:

1) English/ Dutch HuMo-gen website (by Huub Mons):

2) International HuMo-gen website (by Yossi Beck):

HuMo-gen FORUM:


HuMo-gen websites (examples):

HuMo-gen test and demo website: including sources, adresses and pictures

Basic manuals

Installation Installation and update

Country statistics Add-on in HuMo-gen


Pictures Also: PDF files and AVI, WMV, MPG and MOV video files.

Additional manuals

Users-Groups Users and user groups.

Editor editor for genealogical data.

CMS Editor CMS editor to add your own pages. [No dutch translation yet!]

Google Maps admin and end-user manual for Google maps feature

CSS layout change layout

Configuration files

Privacy filter

Gendex link your family tree to:

Several items

Languages change language texts or add a language.

Birthday RSS feed

Creating/Removing Timeline files

Cookie management

Advanced options

PhpMyAdmin change tables, backup and restore the HuMo-gen database using PhpMyAdmin.

Security better security of database

Known problems

List of problems and solutions

Large gedcom files

Google indexing