woman‎Joan of Burgundy‏‎
Died ‎± 1349

Married ‎Jul 1313 (married approximately 36 years) to:

manPhilip VI of Valois‏, age by marriage 19 or 20 years, son of Charles de Valois and N.N.‏.
Born ‎1293, died ‎22 Aug 1350 Nogent-le-Roi,France‎, age 56 or 57 years, buried ‎St. Denis,France, ‎1st marriage to: Joan of Burgundy, 2nd marriage to: Blanche of Navarre


manJohn II the Good‏
Born ‎26 Apr 1319 Le Mans,France, died ‎8 Apr 1364 London, England‎, age 44 years, buried ‎St. Denis,France

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