woman‎Leonide Bagration- Moukhransky‏‎, daughter of George Bagration- Mukhranski and N.N.‏.
Born ‎1914 Tiflis‎, 107 or 108 years

Married ‎1948 Switzerland (73 or 74 years married) to:

manVladimir Cyrilovitch Romanov‏, son of Cyril Vladimirovitch Romanov and Victoria Melita of Edinburgh‏.
Born ‎30 Aug 1917 Near Borga,Finland,Finland‎, 104 years, 1st marriage to: Sumner M. Kirby, ‎2nd marriage to: Leonide Bagration- Moukhransky


womanMaria of Russia‏
Born ‎1953 Madrid,Spain,Spain‎, 68 or 69 years

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