man‎Charles II Stuart‏‎, son of Charles I Stuart and Henrietta Maria of France‏.
Born ‎29 May 1630 St. James Palace,London,England, died ‎6 Feb 1685 Whitehall Palace,,England‎, 54 years, buried ‎Westminster,Abbey,London,England

Married ‎20 May 1662 Portsmouth,England (22 years married) to:

womanCatherine of Braganza‏, daughter of John IV the Fortunate and Luiza Maria de Guzman‏.
Born ‎25 Nov 1638 Vila Vicosa,Lisbon,Portugal, died ‎31 Dec 1705 Bemposta,Palace,Lisbon,Portugal‎, 67 years, buried ‎Belem

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