man‎Arthur Tudor‏‎, son of Henry VII Tudor and Elizabeth of York‏.
Born ‎20 Sep 1486 St. Swithin's,Priory,Winchester,England, died ‎2 Apr 1502 Ludlow Castle‎, 15 years

Married ‎14 Nov 1501 St. Pauls Cath.,London,England (0 years married) to:

womanCatherine of Aragon‏, daughter of Ferdinand V and Isabella‏.
Born ‎15 Dec 1485 Near Madrid,,Spain, died ‎7 Jan 1536 Kimbolton Castle,Hunts,England‎, 50 years, buried ‎Peterborough,Cathedral,England, ‎1st marriage to: Arthur Tudor, 2nd marriage (divorced) to: Henry VIII Tudor

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