woman‎Catherine Howard‏‎, daughter of Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpeper‏.
Born ‎± 1520 Lambeth, died ‎13 Feb 1542 Tower of London,London,England‎, age approximately 22 years, buried ‎Chapel Royal,London,England

Married ‎28 Jul 1540 Hampton Court,Palace,England, age approximately 20 years (married 1 years) to:

manHenry VIII Tudor‏, age by marriage 49 years, son of Henry VII Tudor and Elizabeth of York‏.
Born ‎28 Jun 1491 Greenwich Palace, England, died ‎28 Jan 1547 Whitehall,London,England‎, age 55 years, buried ‎St. George Chap., Windsor, England, 1st marriage (divorced) to: Catherine of Aragon, 2nd marriage to: Anne Boleyn, 3rd marriage to: Jane Seymour, 4th marriage (divorced) to: Anne of Cleves, ‎5th marriage to: Catherine Howard, 6th marriage to: Catherine Parr

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