man‎Edward Augustus Hanover‏‎, son of George III Hanover and (Sophia) Charlotte‏.
Born ‎2 Nov 1767 Buckingham House,,London,England, died ‎23 Jan 1820 Sidmouth,Devon,,England‎, 52 years

Married ‎11 Jul 1818 Kew Palace (1 years married) to:

womanVictoria Mary Louisa‏, daughter of Francis Frederick of Saxe-Coburg and Augusta Reuss-Ebersdorf‏.
Born ‎17 Aug 1786 Coburg, died ‎16 Mar 1861 Frogmore House,Windsor,,England‎, 74 years, 1st marriage to: Emich Karl of Leiningen, ‎2nd marriage to: Edward Augustus Hanover


womanVictoria Hanover‏
Born ‎24 May 1819 Kensington,Palace,London,England, died ‎22 Jan 1901 Osborne House,Isle of Wight,England‎, 81 years, buried ‎Royal Mausoleum,Frogmore,Berkshire,England

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