man‎Henry V‏‎, son of Henry IV and Mary De Bohun‏.
Born ‎9 Aug 1387 Monmouth, died ‎31 Aug 1422 Bois de,Vincennes‎, 35 years, buried ‎Westminster,Abbey,London,England

Married ‎2 Jun 1420 Troyes (2 years married) to:

womanCatherine of Valois‏, daughter of Charles VI the Beloved and Isabelle of Bavaria‏.
Born ‎27 Oct 1401 Paris, died ‎3 Jan 1437 Bermondsey,Abbey‎, 35 years, buried ‎Westminster,Abbey,London,England, ‎1st marriage to: Henry V, 2nd married/ related to: Owen Tudor


manHenry VI‏
Born ‎6 Dec 1421 Windsor Castle,Berkshire,England, died ‎21 May 1471 Tower of London,London,England‎, 49 years, buried ‎St. George Chap., Windsor, Berkshire, England

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