woman‎Isabella of France‏‎, daughter of Charles VI the Beloved and Isabelle of Bavaria‏.
Born ‎9 Nov 1387 Hotel du Louvre,Paris,France, died ‎13 Sep 1409 Blois‎, age 21 years, buried ‎± 1624 Celestines,Paris

Married ‎1 Nov 1396 Calais, age 8 years (married 3 years) to:

manRichard II‏, age by marriage 29 years, son of Edward and Joan‏.
Born ‎6 Jan 1367 Bordeaux,France, died ‎6 Jan 1400 Pontefract,Castle‎, age 33 years, buried ‎Westminster,Abbey,London,England, 1st marriage to: Anne of Bohemia, ‎2nd marriage to: Isabella of France

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