woman‎Isabella Marshal‏‎, daughter of William of Pembroke Marshal and N.N.‏.
Born ‎9 Oct 1200 Pembroke Castle, died ‎15 Jan 1240 Berkhamsted‎, 39 years

Married ‎13 Mar 1231 Fawley,Bucks (8 years married) to:

manRichard‏, son of John Lackland and Isabella of Angouleme‏.
Born ‎5 Jan 1209 Winchester,Castle,England, died ‎1272 Newark Castle,Newark,England‎, 62 or 63 years, buried ‎Worcester,Cathedral, ‎1st marriage to: Isabella Marshal, 2nd marriage to: Sanchia of Provence, 3rd marriage to: Beatrix of Falkenburg


Died ‎1271

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