woman‎Charlotte Augusta Matilda Hanover‏‎, daughter of George III Hanover and (Sophia) Charlotte‏.
Born ‎29 Sep 1766 Buckingham House,St. James Park,London,England, died ‎6 Oct 1828 Ludwigsburg‎, 62 years

Married ‎18 May 1797 Chapel Royal,St James Palace,,England (18 or 19 years married) to:

manFrederick I of Wurttemberg‏, son of Frederick Eugene Wurttemberg and Frederica of Brandenburg- Schwedt‏.
Born ‎1754, died ‎1816‎, 61 or 62 years, ‎1st marriage to: Charlotte Augusta Matilda Hanover, 2nd married/ related to: Augusta of Brunswick

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